walchwindow04 - Side-hung window | DF

A window that is all glass from the outside

Size: Up to 1.00 x 3.00 m
Maximum weight: 100 kg
Opening angle: 90º

The preferred use of the side-hung window is as a patio door, but it can also be used as a room-height ventilating window with a maximum height of up to 3.00 m. Like the reversible and top-hung windows, the fitting is concealed and opens up to 90º. From widths over 750 mm the side-hung window is fitted as standard with a door opening restrictor (TÖB), which buffers the end stop and includes an adjustable brake. This can make the casement movement stiffer in order to prevent the window from moving by itself in windy conditions.
The side-hung window is also available as a patio door with lock or as a house door as a special design.



Acquisition of walchwindow04 license possible.