walchwindow04 - Characteristics

The system transforms characteristics into special features
  • A slim wooden window from the inside, a maintenance-free structural glazing facade from the outside
    Thanks to the external ESG pane, the walchwindow04 is easy to care for and requires absolutely no maintenance.

  • Slim design thanks to static adhesion
    The glass pane is simultaneously used as a stiffening element thanks to the static adhesion between wood and glass. This makes for exceptionally slim wooden frames and increases torsional stability.

  • Optimum heat and sound properties
    The heat and sound properties are very good compared with conventional window systems (34.7 and 48 dB) thanks to the narrow frames and silicone-based adhesive.

  • Opening casements up to 2.5 m between centres
    An important criterion during development was to provide the usual architectural grid of up to 2.5 m between centres with only one opening casement. This enables structural glazing facades to be produced where it is impossible to tell from the outside whether the windows are fixed or opening.

  • Frameless in the wall
    Opening casements can be integrated into the wall to give the impression of a frameless window. The wall surfaces can be extended over the block frame, and the casement frame colour-matched to the wall. The opening window without a visible frame.

  • The swivel fitting specially developed for walchwindow04
    Unlike conventional swivel fittings, this fitting enables the window to be swivelled through 165° so that the outside pane can be easily cleaned from the inside. Another special feature is that the fitting rebate is sealed against the outside air at the outer glass pane. This has enabled optimum figures to be achieved for sound and heat insulation.

  • Spruce as standard
    Dovetailed spruce laminates are used as standard for the walchwindow04. Other types of wood are available at additional cost.



Acquisition of walchwindow04 license possible.