walchwindow04 - Front door | HT

A door which integrates perfectly.

Complementing the window and façade systems, a front door solution was also developed. Its slim almost identical elevation and the well known structural glazing design thanks to the fully covered wooden frames are eye catching. Only the propagated frame on the lock side and the externally visible stainless steel door hinges distinguish the front door from a revolving door DF. For the front door, usually the low threshold is used by default – this enables a minimum difference in level of only 25 mm. Optionally, the front door can be equipped with a covered door closer.

A stainless steel interior handle and pivotable external knob are also standard for the front door HT. Naturally, it is also possible to choose handrails (e.g. also with integrated finger print access control systems) – according to personal desires and requirements.



Acquisition of walchwindow04 license possible.