Design on the outside -

Technology on the inside

The system that turns a window into a facade

Our trend-setting technology promises cost savings thanks to reduced maintenance costs and outstanding heat insulation. The walchwindow04 also provides excellent sound absorption for a high quality of life.
Our design appeal is an additional benefit for our customers, as the window becomes a facade.

Perfect technology
Casement opens through 165º - cleaning becomes child's play
Excellent sound absorption 34 - 48 dB
Your rooms are a place of calm.
ESG glass pane as bracing element
Complete protection of the wooden frame and reduced maintenance costs.
Perfect technology as design
The invisible window frame option is unique.
Outstanding heat insulation
Uw 0.79 W/m2K - 1.3 W/m2K
You save energy and costs.
Highest design appeal
From the outside the window appears as a facade.



Acquisition of walchwindow04 license possible.