walchwindow04 - Top-hung window | SKF

Insulated against heat and noise like few others

Maximum weight: 120 kg
Opening angle: 20º to 90º

The recommended fitting sizes are based on the optimum casement kinematics. Fittings with higher maximum weight can also be used for special requirements.

It is not absolutely essential to be able to reverse a window casement in all applications. For basic applications, top-hung fittings are used. The slim frame geometry and the design of the window casement are exactly the same as with the reversible window, both from the inside and from the outside. Another advantage - particularly for sound insulating glazing - is the increased maximum weight of up to 120 kg (maximum opening angle 20º).

Fitting Maximum weight Max. opening angle Fitting, external block size
10" 50 kg 75º from 400 mm to 500 mm
16" 63 kg 87º from 457 mm to 1120 mm
22" 75 kg 90º from 610 mm to 1320 mm
26" 120 kg 20º from 1270 mm to 1600 mm



Acquisition of walchwindow04 license possible.