walchwindow04 - Sliding door / ST

Perfect alignment – the logical expansion of the walchwindow04

Maximum size: 8000 x 2400 mm
Higher sliding doors are available on request.
Minimum height: 1000 mm
Minimum width of the casement: 1200 mm
Maximum width of the casement: 400 kg

This deluxe model among sliding doors is the perfect complement to the walchwindow04 series and fits harmonically into the overall appearance. As a frameless all-glass construction there is hardly any difference to a walchwindow04. All that is visible in the entrance area is a sliding glass element with a reduced frame width. As is the case with the walchwindow04, the fittings of the sliding door are flush mounted. The same applies to the elegant recessed grip.

A particular highlight is the base construction of the sliding door, which can be installed flush with the floor allowing simple integration in the building. By far the most attractive sliding door on the market in the eyes of many architects and design aesthetes.



Acquisition of walchwindow04 license possible.