walchwindow04 - Walchentrance | WE

Nice architecture begins at the front door.

The Walchentrance WE is an entrance portal in contemporary architectural design and with maximum technological innovation, and has been developed for use in combination with the walchwidow04 structural glazing window and facade system.

The main constructional differences to the front door are the particularly low threshold and the move of the motor-driven lock from the casement to the block frame or the adjacent construction respectively. Depending on requirements, this lock area can be integrated into the constructional clearances available on site, or designed as a combination with a thermally insulated panel (fixed window). The optional covering of the block frames with the inner wall surfaces gives the impression of a frameless portal solution.

The Walchentrance WE is fitted as standard with a covered door closer. If required, this can also be upgraded with an additional feature for a combined, motor-driven door opening and closing system. Equipped with the respective infrared sensors, the Walchentrance becomes the perfect entrance portal for office buildings or offices, which opens and closes automatically. A stainless steel handrail with hidden integrated finger print scanner is used as access control system.



Acquisition of walchwindow04 license possible.